“A society grows great when people plant trees in whose shade they know they will never sit.”

We love this old Greek proverb. It sums up the reason why we’re passionate about property investment: not for the money, not for the freedom, but for our children.

We sacrifice a lot for our children and, likewise, we sacrifice a lot to be able to build a real estate portfolio. But any successful property investor will tell you that any sacrifice made towards building a legacy to be passed on to one’s children is more rewarding than anything else imaginable.

So, how does property investment fit into your goal of creating a legacy and long-term, generational wealth? The experts in property investment at Patrick Leo discuss:

Property is a reliable investment

If you’re trying to create a legacy that can be passed down to future generations, asset stability is key. It’s clear that you’ve got a long-term mindset if you’re already thinking about generational wealth, so you’ll want to choose a long-term asset like real estate.

One of the main attractions of real estate in creating generational wealth is that it’s stable, reliable and in general has only ever gone up in value. Yes, there are down years, but these generally don’t last long as real estate appreciates while generating steady income flow.

Unlike shares, which are a lot more volatile, property is a reliable investment which you can count on being worth more than what you paid for it when you pass it down to your children.

Property has a simple transfer process

Property is one of the simplest assets to transfer to your children. Once a number of properties have been added to one’s portfolio, it’s highly advisable to set up a trust which, upon the death the grantor, automatically transfers to their heirs.

Here, real estate shows a big advantage over other assets such as stocks or businesses which can be more complicated in terms of roles, distributions and compensation.

Property generates a steady cash flow

Acquiring property has a snowball effect: the more you can acquire, the bigger the snowball becomes, the more cash flow you’re able to gain. Cash flow can help you quickly pay off debt, eventually giving you a completely passive source of income.

Building a legacy to pass onto your family is a big task, but with the help of Patrick Leo, it’s achievable. We’re Australia’s specialists in buying investment property, working with dozens of clients who started with very little and now boat large property portfolios. Get in touch with our team to start building your dream property portfolio today.

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