long term vision commitment & endurance

Penfold’s world renowned Grange is made in limited quantity and released to the market after a 5 year aging process but doesn’t reach its potential until many years later. read more

many hands make light work

It makes sense to enlist the help of professionals to make the best decisions. A free no obligation consultation with Patrick Leo before investing can give you a clear perspective on your property investment options. read more


Meet Jack, our resident team
motivator and the most consistent
performer at office bootcamp.
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great dash and coolness

Hold fast and keep your head, even when all about you are losing theirs. At Patrick Leo, the way we conduct ourselves in business is inspired by the namesake of our company, Patrick Leo Nihill, a man of ‘great dash and coolness.’ read more

the confidence to venture into unfamiliar waters

Awarded the title of ‘Best European Open Yacht’ in the category between 40 and 60 feet for two consecutive years, the Rivarama is in full control of the ocean environment.
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